three string guitar
three string guitar
These Black Punch Guitars are really great for Electric Bottleneck Slide this
model can play it like a champ.    It's called the Screamin' Eagle
cigar box guitar
Here's a spin on the same thing. These Punch "Gran Puro" boxes sound great and
make fantastic guitars.  
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This guitar above is a 4 string cigar box guitar played through a 1940's Silvertone Radio that
has been turned into a retro Atomic guitar amplifier.

I like to convert old radios into homemade guitar amps, but I also like regular guitar amps
too. I like small and low powered vintage amps because of the compressed and unique
sound they have.
Of course I have to say this, cigar box guitars sound just heavenly with a vintage tube amp.  
The glass tubes will have your guitar sparkle in the air!!!!
...those old Fender Champ amps and Blackface models from the 1970's are terrific!
Choosing the amp you play thru is another fun part of the puzzle.
Long before the Gretch Guitar Company machine made and mass produced Bo Diddley's
legendary square guitar, Bo made his own guitars himself.
He did it with his own hands and with some simple hand tools. He made them in the true
spirit of "Americana." He never kept count, but all of the research I have done shows
that Bo possibly made between 25 to 30 homemade square wooden guitars.
Bo was the original Do-it-Yourself Rocker!
Do you like early 1900's old time blues and slide guitar?

Listen to these tracks for free right here, all this is cigar box guitar music and NO
regular guitars, No singing, NO bands....this music made with only cigar box
guitars. These songs will take you back in time to a time long ago in the past from
the 1880's to the 1920's and 30's. You can relive those long and lost sounds that
were once played on homemade cigar box guitars.

These two albums are also for sale for $14 each and if you want you can download
them so you can listen to them later at work or in the car or walking and on any
digital phone or computer,

Have a listen, ( If you would like to buy them, click on the blue word "buy" )