Padron cigar boxes made great guitars, they are made of cedar and
mahogany. Both just so happens to be great tone woods.
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Padron boxes also have a size that is perfect for both 3 and 4 string guitars
Old Sepia Photo circa 1890

Charlie Christian, Muddy Waters and even the great Lightnin' Hopkins,
They all played the cigar box guitar.
Here is a short video that will take you back to a
time long ago.
For those wondering "What type of amp is best to use with a cigar box guitar?"
I can answer that, It's The PIGNOSE!
I really mean this, it's the only amp you will ever need.
It sounds almost tube-like and has a distinct "glass like chime" and as for the
price, the value cannot be beat.
You can buy them for about $80 bucks in just about any music store.
Because cigar box guitars have a naturally vintage tone, they record really well.
There is so much room for creativity when played with old tube amps, different glass
and metal slides, vintage reverbs and overdrives, the possibilities are endless!
It's easy to recreate those haunting old, lost and spooky sounds of a bygone era.
When overdriven at just the right level, cigar box guitars have such a great sound.
Listen to this video.
"Home Sweet Home"
This is the oldest known image of a cigar box instrument.
It was drawn during the Civil War and is of 2 Union Soldiers.
One awesome fellow has a Figora Cigar Box Violin. Edwin Forbes 1864
These 2 prints are calender photos from the early 1950's. The artist has used this
same young boy in about 6 or 7 similar arrangements with a cigar box violin.
It must have been something he had seen as a child....same little dog too!
                              Look familiar?

During the 1950's and 60's, there were lots of How to build your own Cigar Box
Amplifier "how-to's" in magazines and books.
Homemade guitar amplifiers built into cigar boxes, small radio bodies and other
vintage electronics is another fun avenue of exploration.
It is easier than you think!    - check out

The short history of the Pignose is that it was just a simple homemade amp
made into a small old cologne box using old radio parts....
and as they say the rest is history!
I like 3 string guitars, but I also like 4 string guitars too.
The recording possibilities are endless with a cigar box guitar.
Would you like to play one? I can mail a guitar anywhere in the world.

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Awaken your inner McFly and play guitar like it's Nov 5th 1955...
email me before it's too late!
I build and sell fully built cigar box guitars, but I also make and sell cigar box pickups for
sale for your own projects.  These pickups are unique with vintage American and tobacco
art and will give your guitar a really authentic look.
If you build cigar box guitars and would like to add a homemade pickup to your own
guitar, these pickups are for sale.
email me anytime, my email is

Have a listen, from "Clean to OverDrive" they can play any style...they're explosive too!
Check out this photo below of a man with his homemade cigar box violin. His bow
is made from a stick. He's not letting "hard times" stop him from making music!
...Ask for our " quick" delivery special!
Victorola Delta Tramp
The Victrola 3 string guitar
Here is Lee Morgan, a famous Vaudeville Musician
He made his own cigar box instruments. It's dated 1923
Handmade "Liberty Bell" 3 string guitar pickup
made by Bob Harrison
Red Dog guitars are made in the USA, But homemade guitars are worldwide!
Old homemade guitars turn up all the time in many countries. The more history
that is uncovered in attics and barns as they are searched, the more antique
cigar box instruments of all types people find.
It's exciting to see new stuff when it shows up for sale in flea markets and
online ...ebay is king for finding old photos.
Russian soldiers in World War One - 1917 with homemade guitars
What does Eletro-fried cigar box guitar sound like??
It's Lo-fidelity analog at its best...have a listen
This is a "1776 Liberty Bell" cigar box guitar pickup that I made with
hand etched art into the pickup cover.

I have both guitars and cigar box pickups for sale on the next page.
The Old Timer -3- string guitar. This is perhaps my most popular guitar.
I have made this model in many diffeneret styles but always as a three string guitar.  
These guitars are super fun to play and sound great. I usally have one on the
workbench or one for sale.  email me at
Listen to this short video of a 3 string cigar box guitar played thru a Pignose.
This is an analog recording, there is NO digital effects or pedals used. It's just a guitar plugged
into a Pignose amp and recorded naturally in the open air.
( Guitar > Amp > into a hand held microphone >placed about 4 inches in front of the speaker)
Thats it, it's ruff, raw, and a simple form of music anyone can make at home.
This song is really just open strings ringing out to fill out the music, and then sliding a glass slide
a little bit here and there on the strings. What I do is just let the unique sound of the guitar and
the amp WORK for me.
I just let the natural sound of the open strings "fill the music background," and give a fullness to
the recording.  In fact, you don't need to play too much or too many notes to achieve this style
of music...this is a super simple form of music anyone can learn.
With a little practice anyone CAN play a three string cigar box guitar and sound great!