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Step right up, Step right up,
It's an Italian with a 4 dollar cigar box guitar!
This video is proof to those that don't know. The truth is, "great guitar" is all
about the player and NOT the guitar. It doesn't matter what you play but how
you play, check out this guy, He's smokin' on 4 dollar cigar box guitar!
This GREAT artwork is from Smoke Box Bob!!!
This Lil' Gator Is from QuickClick!
This is how they do it in the Hills Of Kentucky, this is the real thing!
A homemade guitar and a sound that cannot be made on any store bought item.
Check out Mrs. Leatha too, you will never forget this performance!
Way Down In Kentucky
Welcome to The Cigar Box Guitar Photo Museum, this is a photo website covering history of
the cigar box guitar and other homemade instruments of the past. The majority or these photos
are owned by me (John McNair.) Many others within this research archive on this site are
courtesy of  Library Of Congress, Shane Speal,  Bill Jehle. or are ©Public Domain from the
Chicago or New York Digital Library.
Some are used for research under "Fair Law," i.e Goggle search; copyright holder unknown.

In the spirit of preserving and continuing history, I do want others to use them as long as they
are not used on your website to sell guitars, products or for profit, UNLESS it's a book or for
magazine publication, than I encourage you to use them, in fact, if you write a book or story
about the Delta Blues and didn't use them you would have a rather incomplete story!  If you are
using them for school or education in any form, you are welcome to use them without asking,
please take them and share them.                     
People who are researching the history of Blues music and the guitar are the reason I have
posted these photos here and you can use them. I encourage you to share them with
everyone, take them and share with the world.

Some of this stuff is available to see in person at the National Cigar Box Guitar Museum with
Shane Speal P.A. or the Alabama collection with Bill Jehle.

If you would like to use them in any other way, contact me,
Shane Speal in the first Cigar Box Guitar Museum, York P.A.
Early Peanuts Sept 27th 1951
Check out how
cool you look with
a Matty Baratto
cigar box guitar!
Imagine if you look
this cool, you
probably sound like
a million bucks!

Both Johnny Deep
and Paul
McCartney play
From the 1800's to today,
there are still many Blues
musicans who play cigar
box guitars.

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